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For Parents

For Parents

Information for Oyster Point Academy Parents

Welcome, Oyster Point Academy parents and families! We are delighted to take part in your youth’s education, and we want to help keep you informed during each step of your child’s academic journey. At Oyster Point Academy, we welcome parents to be active participants in your child’s education. The following information is designed to help you better understand our approach, and to provide the resources you’ll need. If you have questions, please give us a call. We’re here to help your child be successful, and to help facilitate your family’s involvement in their academic progress.

Our Behavior Management Program

To help students learn to self-regulate their emotions and learn how to make positive choices, Oyster Point Academy offers guidance through our Behavior Management Program. Using positive reinforcement, Behavior Management incorporates a merit system to incentivize change.

Help and Hope are Here

To learn more about admissions to Oyster Point Academy, or for more information about our academic or specialty programs, please call 757-594-1580. We look forward to hearing from you.